July 23rd, 2009

Cuts of Steak

cuts of steak

I LOVE trying new cuts of steak because it gets me out of my comfort zone. I tend to gravitate toward my old standby favorite, the ribeye.

But, sometimes, I won’t try something because I don’t exactly know what I’m trying.

That’s why I like this handy-dandy little guide to all the different cuts of steak. It tells you just what you’re eating . . . and why.

Like ’em extremely tender? You need a filet mignon.

Want a firm, lean cut? Try a top sirloin.

You get the picture.

And speaking of pictures . . . that one at the top? It’s a Porterhouse.

Nice, huh? It’s got the best of both worlds, baby — strip and filet.

Click on the guide above and you can be edumacated too!

Photo courtesy of the Kansas City Steak Company.

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