May 20th, 2008

Fido Knows His Steak, Too

You KNOW you want your dog to look like this.

Just admit it.

His shirt says, “I’m a Steak Guru!” And doesn’t that really just say, “CLASSY?”

Ladies, if you read the post yesterday, you’ll remember that statistics are now showing that single women should embrace their inner steakmaster and relax. Men will appreciate you for it.

Well, here’s an extra layer to add to your arsenal of dating techniques. Get Fido in on it.

Prepare some T-bones, or a couple of ribeyes, put Fido in his “Steak Guru” shirt and invite that special someone over.

He’ll be like putty in your hands.

Or not.

What are you asking me for? I haven’t dated in, like, 12 years. We didn’t even have text messaging back then.

But for more *great* ideas like this one, just head on over to You can buy this shirt and even his and hers shirts there.

Or . . . steer clear of the shirt idea altogether and just look for somebody at church. It’s really your call.

Dating results not guaranteed.
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