July 8th, 2008

I Like Mine Good and Slow

I just read an article about scientists who discovered a gene associated with the tenderness of beef — and, therefore, great steaks.

So, what do we think about scientifically-designed steaks?

It’s a topic that goes much deeper than just great taste. It’s a matter of science, ethics, even politics.

We won’t really get into that here cuz, really, all I care about is nice, tender, juicy steaks. I don’t want to think about what was going on with them before they arrived at my doorstep. Seriously.

But one thing in this article I read made me fall out of my chair with laughter. And it was this quote:

“Scientists have identified a particular gene associated with beef tenderness, and have also found that slower-moving cattle taste better than their quicker cousins.”

So, what we really want is the porky one who dawdles in the back of the herd.

That cracks me up! In almost every other scenario you would pick the opposite of this guy. If you were picking a racehorse, you wouldn’t say, “I’ll take the brown one with the big gut staring off into space at the back.”

If choosing a hunting dog, I can’t imagine a prospective buyer saying, “Yeah, give me the dude who looks like he’s a couple cards short of a deck. Uh huh, the roly poly one.”

So, the moral of this story? When choosing a Porterhouse, make sure it came from the cow who couldn’t keep up with the rest of ’em.

You can check out the entire article here.