July 11th, 2008

Is Steak All You Think About?

In the dark recesses of my mind is a twisted view of reality that I only let out every so often. Today, I am sharing it with you. . .

I was pondering life and I decided how much happier we would be if all of the images and talk of s*e*x in our society were replaced with steak.

* We could all get some popcorn and see the “Steak and the City” movie. All age groups would be admitted.

* Victoria’s Secret would be in the business of selling steaky lingerie. Now, doesn’t that sound nice?

* Ross and Rachel from “Friends” could have had a nice filet instead of an unplanned pregnancy.

* My son’s question to me last week would have been, “Mommy, what is steak?” I would much rather have answered that one.

* And, if you’re a “Seinfeld” fan, the now-famous phrase would be, “Steak . . . to SAVE the friendship!”

How much nicer would life be if we could look up at a billboard in Times Square and see a nice, big, juicy Porterhouse? I would not have to explain to my son why there is a larger-than-life photo of a man in his underwear on a city street.

I’m just sayin’ maybe there is room for a movement in our society — away from images of sex and TOWARD images of steaming hot T-bones. I, for one, would be grateful, thankful.

Good day.