August 29th, 2008

It’s Labor Day — Get to Work!

So, Labor Day weekend is upon us. That means you’d better have all your weekend vittles marinating and defrosting.

And get that grill ready cuz it is time to use it!

After this, much of the country will start to get colder in the coming weeks so you’d better make the most of this precious time we have right now. And get outside! Your grill is calling.

What’s it calling for, you may ask?

I think you know.

Really? You don’t know?


Are you new here?

If so — welcome! We’ll help you figure out what Labor Day is calling for. Is it T-bones? Steakburgers?

Click on the “Recipes” tab up at the top. That’s a great place to start.

And check out this article from today on It’s got lots of ideas for this weekend.

Enjoy your time off and revel in the deliciosity that is steak. I know I will be. I’ll post photos of what I’ll be eating next week.

You can bet beef will be involved. Oh, yeah.

Have a great Labor Day, everybody!