May 29th, 2008

Leftover Land

We cooked so much this weekend we are swimming in leftovers.

Steakburgers. Bratwurst. More steakburgers. Hot dogs.

When will it all end?

My husband LOVES leftovers so he’s in heaven. But me? Eh, I really like it best when it’s first cooked. I’m elitist that way.

Right now, I can hear my parents’ voices echoing in my ears . . . “There are children starving in China or is it Ethiopia or wait, no, it’s Myanmar where the government won’t hand out the food we are sending . . .

Anyway, I should be so lucky to have an abundance of food. So I will smile and eat a leftover steakburger for the FOURTH time this week.

But THAT’S IT. Then I’m moving on to a fresh T-bone, dangit!

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