August 10th, 2012

New Steak Cut? Vegas Strip Steak

In April, meat specialists unveiled a “new cut of beef steak” at the Protein Innovation Summit in Chicago.

It’s called the Vegas Strip steak.

So was this an overdue April Fool’s joke? Or the real deal?

Apparently it’s real. The new cut is said to be as tender as a New York (or Kansas City) Strip but requires no aging or marinating to achieve that tenderness.

The cut can be anywhere from 4-12 ounces and I, for one, will be testing it out as soon as it’s available to the general public (i.e. me).

Sounds intriguing, no?

Read more about this new development here and here and at its own website here.

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2 Responses to “New Steak Cut? Vegas Strip Steak”

  1. GrillMaster Bruce Says:

    Has the cow or steer create a new body part? Looks good though!

  2. wow Says:

    Looks like a flat iron steak to me… not new by any means but delicious!