April 7th, 2016

National Beer Day – A Tailgater’s Guide to Beer Pairings

It seems as though there is a “day” for everything nowadays. But I figure, that way, everyone can be happy on at least one of those days. Right?

As it happens, National Beer Day is today. And I have a feeling LOTS of people are going to be happy about that.

At this time of year, beer and baseball are a natural pairing – if you’re WATCHING baseball, that is. And, hey, beef and beer go great together, too. So, let’s whip out our steak recipes and pair ‘em with some beer while we watch ourselves some baseball. Not only is it National Beer Day, but it’s tailgating time!

Bone-in Filet Mignon Beer Pairing

Maybe you’ve got some ideas and favorite beers in mind. But if you’d like to expand your palate, I can help you out with your beer selections. Allow me to share with you my tailgater’s guide to beer pairings for your quick reference when it’s game time…

Tailgater’s Guide to Beer Pairings

First up, how about a hearty Ribeye Steak Sandwich? Delicious while watching some baseball. Feel free to pair it with an English Pale Ale or American Brown Ale. The beer’s flavor is ideal for that steak sandwich.

Going to serve BBQ Beef Burnt Ends at your tailgate gathering? Those bite-sized pieces of slow cooked, hickory smoked brisket will go magnificently with a Stout or Porter. Both beers offer the roasty bitterness that darkened malts are known for and they go great with this barbecue beef. Perfecto!

Barbecue Beef

Any Kansas City bbq you might serve would be enhanced by a Brown Ale. This beer is a little less aggressive than the Porters and Stouts but are still similar. And it might ease you into the dark beer stratosphere. So if you like the sound of that, give it a go!

Have fun creating your own beef and beer taste pairings this baseball season. And when you do, toast to National Beer Day for me!

April 4th, 2016

Baseball Tailgating Recipes

The great American pastime of baseball excites me for so many reasons. And I’m so glad it’s baseball time!

My two boys are serious about baseball so I spend a lot of time watching the sport. My husband coaches, too. It’s a real family affair. And it’s so fun to see my kids learn life lessons on the field about teamwork and sportsmanship, graceful winning and gracious defeat. But, I really just love springtime and the camaraderie and competition.

Plus, you know, there’s food.

I mean, baseball tailgating is some of the best there is. From major league ballparks on down to youth baseball tournament venues, there’s always tailgating. Always.

And whether you’re grilling out in a parking lot or in your own backyard watching an MLB game, it’s so fun to cook some steaks and just enjoy. It’s all part of the experience. SOME might even say it’s the BEST part of the experience.

If you’re feeding a large group – say an entire youth baseball team, plus parents and siblings in between games – it’s smart to offer different types of steak so that everyone is happy.

Baseball Tailgating Recipes

Throw on some burgers and hot dogs, too, and you’ve got yourself quite the tailgating experience. Believe me, everyone else will be jealous because they will be able to smell your party. And it will be enticing!

Looking for some steak recipes to try to wow your group? I like this one for Grilled Ribeye Steak. It requires marinating beforehand but it’s oh so worth it!

Grilled Ribeye Steak

Or, if you’re in an adults-only setting, try this Jack and Coke marinade. It’s so delicious and, really, it doesn’t taste like whiskey. That’s just a great marinade ingredient.

Now, what you drink WITH your steak is entirely up to you.

What do you like to cook for your baseball tailgate parties? Share your ideas with me!

April 1st, 2016

Game Day Recipes

Spring is in full swing. I couldn’t be happier.

Okay, maybe I could be happier if it was maybe 10 degrees warmer. But I digress.

I adore springtime. My boys are outside throwing the ball around all the time now. That’s because the snow is gone and it’s warmer out. Even my dogs seem to be happier. Plus, baseball opening day is on its way and I’m ready to play ball!

Or maybe I’m ready to watch some other guys play ball while I eat steak.

Same thing, right?

Steaks typically make an appearance in our house whenever we’re gathered around the TV watching something. It’s just how it works. And in the spring when the grill is fired up full time it’s so much fun to get out the steak recipes and have fun.

Game Day Recipes

I just like being outside and smelling the aroma of the smoky grill. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, the smell of a neighbor’s grill will waft over and I can enjoy some second-hand grill smoke. It’s a favorite pastime of mine, too.

This spring, on our side of the fence, we’ll go with some tried and true recipes like our simple rub or a marinade with Worcestershire sauce or even Teriyaki (that’s my favorite).

But throughout the season we’ll try some new recipes like this Grilled Strip with Black Bean Sauce. I like the way the juxtaposition of the black beans and the steak sounds. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a Kansas City strip steak. It’s meaty, hearty and so flavorful.

I’m thinking I might try this Mediterranean Steak Sandwich, too. It calls for Top Sirloin sandwich steaks, crumbled feta cheese and some delicious seasonings. Sandwich steaks are a nice way to make it more casual for baseball season. They’re so filling, too!

Join me in celebrating game day and all springtime has to offer by firing up the grill and grilling up some steaks. It’s about time!