October 8th, 2009

Quick Steaky Meal

Looking for something quick — but yummy — that you can whip up in the middle of the week?

I keep these on hand for just those occasions . . .


These babies were hard as a rock when I decided that’s what we were having for dinner. Planning ahead just wasn’t happening on a Wednesday evening.

But that didn’t stop me.

I thawed the patties in the microwave on “defrost.” (Not my favorite method, but it was my only option.) Then I poured the olive oil in a pan, salt and peppered the steakburgers and we were off!

Soon, the house was smelling like a real home, with meat cooking and wine flowing. I found myself whistling and humming in anticipation of a meal that did not include “Mc” in its name or instructions like “Poke a hole in the plastic wrap to ventilate while microwaving.”


Thirty minutes from frozen to steaming hot on a plate is just perfect for me. And it meant a lot to skip the drive-thru. And THAT makes for a peaceful, pleasant dinner at home which I think is something we all crave whether you’re the chef or the grateful diner.