June 5th, 2008

Slice of Life (Or is it Beef?)

I went to visit my neighbors yesterday. And while the kids were jumping on the trampoline an amazing smell wafted out into the yard from their kitchen.

I went inside and asked Eddie what that magnificent smell was.

It was beef tenderloin with carmelized onions — the exact recipe I had posted here yesterday, only without the croissants. He used French bread.

Is it karma, is it coincidence, is it another force at work? Or just dumb luck.

I don’t know, but it was pretty cool. And it was darn good. I had already served my children a gourmet meal of Burger King but I did have a taste.

It was really flavorful. The onions made it so tasty.

And it was much more satisfying than the chicken strips “The King” had served me.

I’m thinking the forces at work were telling me I should have stayed home and made that recipe rather than letting my kids dupe me into going to BK so they could get an Indiana Jones toy.

But that is the glamorous life I live . . .

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