June 16th, 2009

Steak in the Fridge — Now What?

What do you do when you look in the refrigerator and see this . . . . . . . . . ???


Or, maybe you NEVER have leftover steaks. THAT would make more sense.

But, on the off chance you do ever have some leftover goodness, what do you do with it?

We’ve talked about the go-to favorite steak sandwich. And you can never go wrong there. But what else do you make?

Salads? Fajitas?


Tell me your secrets — I wanna know!

2 Responses to “Steak in the Fridge — Now What?”

  1. Public Says:

    In the future, I’d buy better cuts of steak to begin with.

    A leftover piece of steak like that wouldn’t be all that much trouble to warm back up, but it’s really more fun to think outside of the box. From your photo I see a couple of quick and easy dishes.

    1.) Steak fajitas – warm the steak back up while sauteing onions and peppers
    2.) Steak salad with some sort of blue cheese, chipotle, southwestern, name your favorite dressing
    3.) If it’s a tender cut, you could slice it very thin and place it into some beef gravy or drippings, warming it back up and placing it into a sandwich. French dip? Hot beef sandwich?
    4.) Steak and eggs?
    5.) Steak quesadilla
    6.) Hash

    That should give you a few options to play with. Not sure what you were looking for, but that should be a good start. 🙂

  2. Dena P Says:

    Thank you for these fantastic ideas! I love them — so much that I dedicated an entire post to them so everyone can see your thoughts. Thanks again for sending — and keep ’em coming!

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