April 14th, 2011

Steaks on a Plane

You’re a steak lover, right?

So picture this… you’re on a flight – one long enough to require a meal that’s not peanuts or unidentifiable corn chips. You’re feeling sassy so you order a steak.

Because you can.

The savory aroma of the meal begins to fill the airplane cabin. You’re getting hungry. You can’t help it.

Your meal finally arrives and it looks like the photo above. You’re so famished you could eat your hand right now.

It looks delicious.

Are you pleasantly surprised or aghast at the quality of the meal?

This meal above was a United Airlines offering. Have you ever tried it? What did YOU think?

Should you have waited until you got home to cook up your own amazingly perfect beefy delight? Or are you okay with taking whatever you can?

Click here to read one traveler’s take on airline meals. What’s your stance?

Photo courtesy of BoardingArea.com.

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