August 30th, 2013

Perfect Labor Day BBQ

Labor Day BBQ

Looking for inspiration for your fabulous Labor Day BBQ?

Look no further.

People magazine has a sweet slideshow of amazing spreads for your perusing pleasure.

Behold the finger-licking goodness of the Cali Lettuce-Wrap Burger (above), made with lean ground beef and no bun!

Then, feast your eyes upon an Herb-Rubbed Pork Tenderloin, Apple Cider BBQ Ribs and Bacon BBQ Oysters. Yes, oysters! With bacon!

There are gorgeous desserts and fruity drinks, plus decadent sides you can make to create one awesome barbecue.

Or . . . you can just look at the purty pictures and drool.

Either way, check out these masterpieces here. And have a happy, happy Labor Day!

Photo courtesy of Raymond Hom via

August 18th, 2010

Cheesy Mac ‘n Rib Sammie

Oh. My.

Isn’t this extraordinary?

Shortribs with macaroni and cheese. What absolute brilliance!

This amazing sandwich comes to us via from the guys at the Grilled Cheese Truck.

I now have a new obsession. I suspect you will too.

Enjoy . . . and remember to wipe the drool off your chin after you finish reading the recipe.

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June 1st, 2009

Beef Brisket, Part Deux

My post on brisket caused quite a stir, it seems. People are so passionate about their barbecue and I love it!

LeFoodDude had a great comment recommending I smoke it for 20 hours and use more charcoal for a better smoke ring.

Well, this weekend I trotted over to my parents’ house where they had smoked a brisket that was much juicier — and smokier — than mine.



THIS was some good brisket. Again, they used a SmokinTex smoker, but they split up the smoking into 2 days, letting it sit wrapped in foil in a non-heated oven overnight.

They also smoked theirs a little longer than I did. It seems counterintuitive at first, but the longer you smoke it, the juicier it is.

Oh, and their ribs were better, too.


Is everything just better at Mom’s house or is it just that I have a lot to learn?

Maybe it’s a bit of both. But I do know I have SO much to learn. That’s the fun of it!

LeFoodDude, let us know your thoughts! Anybody else have some secrets to great barbecue???

Photos courtesy of:  my mama