July 2nd, 2014

Most Popular American Foods

It’s almost America’s Independence Day!

So let’s take a look a some of America’s most popular American foods. Here’s an unofficial list compiled by ME. Make your own if you feel I missed something!


hot dog

I mean, what do we eat while watching America’s pastime? Why, hot dogs! All beef, of course.


Most Popular American Foods

When people travel to America, they HAVE to stop and order a burger somewhere. It’s quintessentially American.


You know this one makes the list. We love this stuff!



It may have come from Italy, but we took it to a whole new level. Seriously. Top it with beef and it’s a homerun!


Barbecue Ribs

Virtually every city/region in the United States believes that their barbecue and/or steak is the greatest. Memphis, Kansas City, Texas, Alabama, Nebraska. Just ask ’em!

Maybe this week is the time to indulge in all foods American. If so, it might be the best week of your life!!! 🙂

Photo courtesy of KansasCitySteaks.com.

July 26th, 2012

Beef Lover’s Dessert

You love beef. I just know it.

And the perfect ending to a beefy cookout is this precious ice cream “slider.”

Isn’t it adorable?

It’s got chocolate and vanilla ice cream discs with a caramel-nut syrup in a brioche sandwich.

Too cute!

The kids in your life (or the kid in you) will love it!

Click here to see the full recipe for this special dessert!

Photo courtesy of TastingTable.com.

April 8th, 2011

Really? With Bacon?

Okay, expanding on a theme here this week. Most of us steak lovers can probably agree that bacon rocks.

Bacon on a steak? Fugeddaboudit!!!! It only enhances the flavor.

Meatloaf topped off with bacon?

Absolutely incredible.

But this? Well, this might go under the heading, “TRAVESTY.”

It is an affront to bacon.

It’s the Maple Bacon Sundae – NEW from Denny’s!

I don’t know where to go with this. I feel like I need some therapy just thinking about it.

It’s wrong on so many levels. But…is it possible just a small part of me thinks it’s so right?

No. I can’t. It’s against the laws of nature.

You want bacon? Go here and order some. It’s delicious. Just promise me you will use it the way nature intended.


Photo courtesy of News.Yahoo.com.