May 7th, 2014

Best Burger Toppings

Best Burger Toppings

Oooooohhhh! It’s National Hamburger Month! There’s a MONTH dedicated to our precious burgers, people! Shall we rejoice?

And what makes a burger YOUR burger are the toppings, of course. But what do other people like to use to dress up their burgers?

This list of the best burger toppings gives you the most popular ones as dictated by popular vote. What, no electoral college? I kid, I kid.

And the number one burger topping is …………… BACON!

I’ll bet you guessed that one.

Check out that list here and add your own votes! Happy National Hamburger Month!

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May 14th, 2009

May is Hamburger Month

My homage to National Hamburger Month . . .


What’s yours?????

May 9th, 2009

May: National Hamburger Month

So, it’s National Hamburger Month. What does one do to celebrate?


Why, eat hamburgers, er, steakburgers, of course!

What’s the difference between steakburgers and hamburgers? Just a few letters of the alphabet, really.

“Steakburger” sounds so much better. And classier.

Both are created with some form of ground beef. And both are delicious.

So how passionate are you about your burgers? It’s really a national obsession. And with these warm months heating up, it’s totally time to fire up the grill and experiment.

I know we’ll be doing that at our house. I’ll show you the photos soon.

In the meantime, Happy, Happy Hamburger Month!!

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