September 14th, 2011

Perfect Steak Cooker

There is something in the U.K. called the “Steak Appreciation Society.” I must delve into this more deeply.

But for now, here is something they have unearthed that may revolutionize your steak cooking from this day forward. . .

Or not. You decide.

It’s called the Perfect Steak cooker and it has a grill and timer to help you cook – you guessed it – that perfect steak every time.

It’s available on here:

Note the U.K. URL. Apparently they have really good stuff over there that we don’t have. Jealous.

Check out this device and let me know what you think. In the meantime, I shall investigate this Steak Appreciation Society and report back.

Is it weird that I’m starting to talk like Harry Potter now? Hmmpf. I can’t help myself.

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June 7th, 2011

Steaks: Rinse well. Repeat.

There are so many cooking techniques out there.

None of them are “right” or “wrong” – but some leave me scratching my head and some are just, well, new to me.

This is one of those.

Here’s an ezine article about cooking “perfect steaks.” It suggests liberally salting the meat.


Then, RINSING off the salt before marinating.

Now THAT is a new one on me. But . . . that does not mean it isn’t a great thing to try. I just wasn’t ever taught to rinse beef.

Am I alone in this?

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks. I believe that. But I just don’t know how I feel about this one.

What are your thoughts????? Is this a killer technique I’ve been missing out on? Or does this miss the mark?

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