July 5th, 2013

Beerbecue Flank Steak Video

Oh, man! Our friends at AllRecipes and FoodWishes.com have given us this great video to help us make “Beerbecue Flank Steak.”

That is, of course beer + barbecue sauce + flank steak.

A beautiful combination.

It makes the beef oh-so-tender and so, so flavorful.

I absolutely LOVE a great barbecue sauce!

Check out the video and try this yourself. It is summer, ya know!


April 23rd, 2013

Great Spring Steaks: Orange Citrus Steak Sauce

It’s spring! And it’s time for some spring flavors to make their way into our dishes.

How about an Orange Citrus Steak Sauce to get you going?

It’s refreshing and oh-so-sunny!

Check out this yummy steak sauce recipe here and don’t forget to use your favorite steaks! 🙂

Happy spring cooking!

Photo courtesy of WikiHow.com.

April 20th, 2012

Top 5 Ways to Sauce Your Steak

Our friends over at RealWomenofPhiladelphia.com have gathered their list of the “Top 5 Ways to Sauce Your Steak.”

Now, I definitely have my favorite and so does my husband – but interestingly enough, neither of our favorites is on this list.

Is yours?

Maybe you’ll find a new favorite . . . something you’ve never considered using on your steak.

Click here to check out that list. And let me know if you now have a new love!

Photo courtesy of RealWomenofPhiladelphia.com.