October 16th, 2009

Twitterin’ About Steak

Have you joined the Twitter revolution yet?


Or are you confused about its relevance?

Well, I’m a convert. There’s a world out there filled with funny people, smart people, not-so-smart people, interesting people, kind people . . . and really hungry people. And they’re all on Twitter.

The ones I’m drawn are the hungry ones.

We like to talk about steak, swap recipes, joke about food/life and wonder out loud when it’s going to be mealtime again.

I follow “steakforall” whose bio reads: we believe in steak for all and the common carnivore’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of a really great steak.

Uh, right on! I am so with you!

Another fave is UKSteakWeek. You can guess what that’s about. They recently tweeted this: We’re four days in (12-18 October) and basically you eat, think about and revel in all things steaky for a whole week. Enjoy it

On Twitter you only have 140 characters to get your point across. So, punctuation is spotty at best and spelling is tossed out the window — all in good fun.

Are you on yet? Go there (www.twitter.com) and get a free account, then you can find all sorts of fun people to share ideas with.

Oh, yeah, I’m on there — www.twitter.com/steakenthusiast. Follow me — and I’ll follow you, too! We can chat!

Have fun!

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