October 16th, 2015

Tailgating Fun Facts

royals tailgate

I like tailgating. You like tailgating. Everybody likes tailgating!

So, besides the steaks, what are the funnest parts of tailgating? (For our purposes here, “funnest” is, indeed, a word.)

Picture this: You’re in the parking lot of your home stadium. Your best buddy is manning the steak on the grill (he’s got all types of steak from strips to filets to ribeyes), the tent man got there early to pick a primo spot and set up the shade, a group is playing cornhole, another is flipping cups, the DJ has the perfect game-time music blasting and your truck is providing the perfect seating for all the festivities.


This is shaping up to be the best tailgate ever. It’s a tradition that has some murky beginnings – no one really knows for sure where and when it started. But tailgating has swept the country over the years and we’re all getting in on the fun.

So where is it the funnest? (See? I did it again.) Well, inthenation.com says the top 5 best cities for NFL tailgating today are:

  1. Baltimore
  2. Denver
  3. Houston
  4. San Diego
  5. Cincinnati

And, as you can see from this list, it doesn’t even matter how good the teams are. Sorry, Chargers. It’s all about the food and party. Sweet!

So, no matter the outcome of the game, your goal is to win the pre-party. And win it, you will!

That same site says that there are an estimated 50 million tailgaters in the U.S. Now that’s a lot of burgers! And up to $12 billion is spent on the revelry every year. I mean, what a huge industry.

Plus, up to 35% of those tailgaters are so dedicated to the art of the tailgate that they don’t even set foot inside the stadium. So it makes perfect sense that that party in the parking lot better be a good one!

What are your favorite tailgating traditions?

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