February 14th, 2008

This Could Be the Start of a Beautiful Meal Together

I took my boxes of top sirloin and lobster tails out of the freezer.


This is what they looked like when I opened them up. . . 


Vacuum-packed for freshness. I can feel my mouth watering already. Not yet, Dena. Not yet. You’re not a lion. These have to be cooked. (And thawed first.)

I spread these out so that they can thaw thoroughly. In a few hours the steaks will be ready for a marinade or rub. I still haven’t decided.


I’m ready to take in the intoxicating smells of warm lobster tails mixed with the distinct aroma of freshly-grilled steaks.

My Valentine will be so impressed. And pleased, I hope. Lobster is a treat in our part of the country.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you! May your day be filled with lots of love and great food!

All right, enough with the corny stuff. . .

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