November 22nd, 2008

Tiger Likes His Steak

I receive Tiger Woods’ periodic newsletter by e-mail. I know it’s weird. Especially since I don’t play golf.

But he’s a cool dude and I admire his athletic ability, his dedication and perfectionism and how he has used his celebrity.

He’s just a good guy. And he does some really great things for causes he believes in.

I’m not trying to get all sappy on you. Just check out this little excerpt from his latest newsletter and tell me — as a steak lover — you don’t love him, too.

We held our fourth annual Block Party and raised about $700,000 for our Learning Center. I want to thank Fred Couples and Chris Riley for helping me with the morning clinic at Pelican Hill. Freddie also helped out with our live auction and is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.

I also want to thank world-renowned chef Mario Batali for preparing a three-course gourmet meal – yes, I ate two steaks – and special thanks to Seal for putting on a great concert. Just seeing him perform again was absolutely incredible. He’s a nice guy, too. 

Yeah, famous people were there, blah, blah. And Tiger Woods eats two steaks in one sitting. In public.

And then writes about it.

Ya gotta admire a man who can put away the beef. Maybe that’s his secret to success? Couldn’t hurt.

Tiger, you had me at “hello.” YOU HAD ME AT HELLO.

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