December 14th, 2012

USDA Allows More Meat at School

Now THAT’S some meat! Bacon-wrapped filet mignon and crabcakes.

Now, this is not the kind of thing served in the school cafeteria (especially with the white wine pairing) but we’re one step closer to it with the USDA allowing more meat at lunchtime.

Believe me, I’ll bet there are some students who would LOVE to see that plate above in the cafeteria line. Minus the wine.

It won’t be quite that good, but the Agricultural Department plans to do away with the limits on meat in school lunches. They’ll scrap the maximum daily and weekly limits that were previously imposed.

Parents and lawmakers complained that students weren’t getting enough meat to satisfy their hunger.


Some students even put together this pro-meat video to voice their distaste for the limits. Absolute genius.

I particularly love the “I Heart Beef” T-shirt the kid is wearing.

Say it loud! Say it proud!

Well, for once, their efforts struck a chord and the limits have been banished.

Free speech rocks.

Mess with the bull, you get the horns.

Carry on, meat eaters!

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