July 27th, 2015

What Is a Kansas City Strip?

Kansas City Strip

You may have heard the Kansas City Strip Steak referred to as a New York Strip.

They are the same.

Folklore goes that a fancy chef in NYC felt the need to rename the KC Strip the NY Strip. But, hey, who was the original?

It’s all the same as far as types of steak goes.

A Kansas City Strip Steak comes from the short loin. It’s thick and juicy and can be ordered bone-in or boneless.

Grilling is the best cooking method, but when you’re cooking at home YOU choose how you want to prepare it. Broil it, grill it, pan fry – however you like!

But don’t cook your steaks too long. It’ll remove that delicious juicy flavor that comes from the pink center.

Thinking of cooking some KC Strips this weekend? Fire up the grill and enjoy!

Just remember where they’re from.

July 24th, 2015

10 Signs You’re a Steak Enthusiast

Grilled Steak

You’re grilling steaks at a neighbor’s house.

He’s pressing down on the steaks, letting all the juice run off the steaks and into the coals.

You’re cringing and squelching the desire to grab the spatula out of his hands and do those steaks right.

But you resist. He’s a neighbor, after all. And you’ve gotta live near him.

Grilling steak is your “thing” and everybody knows it. Someone needs a rockin’ steak recipe and they come to you because you know what you’re doing.

You just might be a “steak enthusiast.”

So what is a steak enthusiast? Here’s a check list that just might describe you:

  1. You care about your steaks.
  2. You study the best methods of cooking steak.
  3. You choose quality meat.
  4. You know the difference between a filet mignon and a ribeye.
  5. You know which cooking method works best for each cut.
  6. You DO NOT press down on the steaks with your spatula.
  7. You understand seasoning.
  8. You know to let your steaks rest before serving.
  9. People talk about your steaks.
  10. You daydream about the next time you’re going to cook some steaks.

So, do you think you’re a steak enthusiast?

You’re reading this blog, aren’t you? I’d say that’s an excellent start!!!

July 20th, 2015

Most Popular Steaks

Most Popular Steaks

What are the most popular steaks?

Depends on who you ask.

There are all types of steak rankings, but American food expert John Mitzewich puts them in this order:

  1. Ribeye
  2. Kansas City Strip Steak
  3. Filet Mignon
  4. T-bone Steak
  5. Porterhouse Steak
  6. Flank Steak
  7. Top Sirloin Steak

And no matter what order you rank them in, it’s pretty likely each one of these cuts will make the list.

My favorite has always been the ribeye for its extremely flavorful taste. Bone-in or out, it’s a winner in my book.

Filet mignon seems to be popular with the ladies. It’s delicate, tender and if you buy the right quality you can cut it with a fork. It’s the #1 customer favorite at The Kansas City Steak Company – so much so that they’ve designated August as Filet Mignon Month.

KC strips are perfect for grilling, along with T-bones and Porterhouse. And Top Sirloin is the way to go when you’re making steak sandwiches.

Flank steak is delicious for Mexican dishes like fajitas, tacos and more.

So what are the steaks that are most popular with YOU? Because, really, the best cut of steak is the one you enjoy.

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