January 18th, 2016

Why Buy Steaks Online?

Steaks Online

Well, folks, it’s wintertime. As much as I try to deny it to myself – it’s winter.

Snow is falling. I have to wear a coat when I go out. And the grass in my lawn is not pretty. Not pretty at all.

Yep, it’s cold and I am not a fan of cold weather. It hurts my skin, my bones, my soul.

But since I can’t wish winter away, I need a pick-me-up. And for me, that means steaks!

A great steak ALWAYS makes me feel better. I rejoice in its juiciness and I forget, just for a moment, that it’s winter outside.

And, well, my husband volunteers to fire up the grill and brave the weather outside to tend the steaks so I won’t be quite so grouchy. It’s really a win for everyone.

When I’m shopping for my steaks, I find the best steaks online. They’re a much higher quality than what you can find in your local supermarket. And you can have them on hand when you have an emotional steak emergency as I am apt to do.

You can shop for any cut from ribeyes to filet mignon to Porterhouse steaks. And these are restaurant-quality steaks. No need to get out in the snow and drive to a restaurant. You can even enjoy USDA Prime steaks at home. No reservations required. Or if you’re really in the mood for something delicate and special – you can order Wagyu Kobe beef. Yes – online! It’s delish.

Seriously, online is the way to go. There is no maitre ‘d telling you it’ll be a three-hour wait. No teeny, tiny table near the bathroom. No tipping. And no one will judge you when you want your steak medium well.

Unless, of course, you’re married to someone who has a strong opinion about that. But that’s between you two.

Happy online steak shopping!

January 15th, 2016

2016 Food Trend Predictions

Each new year, chefs come up with their predictions for what will be hot in the foodie world in that year. It’s fun and exciting. And just reading about these trends makes my mouth water. I’m a sucker for food information.

Some of these trends catch on year after year and some don’t. That’s true about any predictions. But food, well, it’s just more fun!

So what are some of this year’s food trend predictions? Are there new steak trends? A new steak recipe to try? Okay, I’m a bit obsessed. I’m a steak enthusiast, remember? All things come back to steak to me.

One thing chefs predict will be hot this year are savory snacks. People are snacking more and looking for healthy snacking alternatives – without sacrificing taste. Snacks are not just for preschool anymore and I love it!

Exotic Spices New Food Trends

Exotic spices are apparently going to be hot also (pun intended? Maybe). Perhaps we’ll be eating Moroccan spice steaks in 2016. That would be on-trend and it sounds delicious!

Sugary sweet tastes will be replaced with sour and savory flavors this year. Even previously sacred sugar-based items will take on a savory flavor – like artisan ice cream and yogurt in savory flavors. Interesting!

Higher quality ingredients are also coming to the forefront this year. People want healthier, less processed ingredients and that will be a major player this year, chefs say.

Now that’s a trend we can all get behind, I bet.

Classic Meatloaf Heat and Serve

Convenience is another big trend that’s coming. But not the fast food convenience of the past. This trend focuses on ready-to-eat meals and heat and serve dishes. Not necessarily drive-thru. More at-home convenience. I love it!

So what do you think will be popular this year in the food world? Do any of these chef-predicted trends sound interesting to you?

January 11th, 2016

New Year – New Foods to Try

It’s a new year! Time to open our minds to new things, new tastes and new opportunities. That’s one reason I love January. It’s a fresh start. And it’s exciting!

I mean, what are New Year’s Resolutions for? To push us. To better ourselves. To challenge us. That applies to the food world as well.

Okay, EVERYTHING applies to the food world to me. But that’s just how I see the world.

So tell me, did you start the year with some black-eyed peas? Or did you have a fancy prix fixe menu for the new year?

Any way you slice it, food plays a big part in ALL of our celebrations (and it’s not just me) – and throughout the year.

This year, why not try some new foods? Haven’t tasted steak tartare yet? Make 2016 the time when you at least TRY. It’s a delicacy, right? You might really like it!

New in 2016 Beef and Red Bean Chili

Or how about some beef and red bean chili? Ever tried it? It’s ground chuck slow-cooked, fresh, flavorful tomatoes and a three-chili blend. Delicious!

Chicken and White Bean Chili

Want to go the chicken route? Test out some chicken and white bean chili. This dish combines slow-kettle-cooked chicken with peppers and a Southwest seasoning. Yee-haw!

Ribeye Sandwich Steak

Maybe you can make this year the year you try a fantastic Ribeye sandwich steak. Such a perfect cut to create a tender, tasty sandwich. Believe it or not, some people have never put a steak on a sandwich. Are you one of them? If so, change that this year! It’s so satisfying!

There are so many ways to expand your mind and test your palate. Have fun trying new foods and new tastes. There are so many things to try!

So what foodie things will you challenge yourself with in 2016? Let me know in the comments below!

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