January 25th, 2016

Ideas for the Big Game

It’s coming up! And soon! That ultimate in football championships. The BIG GAME that requires a full-fledged party.

And I mean a REAL party. With food. And drinks. And lots of seating in front of the TV. Or multiple TVs.

It doesn’t even matter if you are rooting for a certain team or not. That’s not even the point for most of the country. There are, after all, only two teams who can make it to this point. No, it’s simply a reason to have a party and that’s good enough for me.

Are you hosting? What are your plans?

Need some ideas, you say? Well, read on!

Ideas for the Big Game

No matter what time of year it is, or what the occasion is, a party at my house includes steaks. And since this big game is a particularly manly event, might I suggest porterhouse steak or ribeye?

To appeal to those frustrated football players in attendance who will inevitably stand at the back, drink in hand, and involuntarily make a kicking motion while a field goal is being attempted, you MUST include these cuts.

Trust me on this.

But wives, girlfriends, single friends and others may also be in attendance, so make sure to have some filet mignon on hand as well.

Hey, I’m not trying to stereotype. These are the results of meticulous research over the years. And, really, you’ve got to cover all your bases to have a successful party. (Yeah, that was a baseball metaphor – but it still works, okay?)


And don’t forget the finger foods like beef sliders and the sides like gourmet macaroni and cheese to satisfy the raging hunger of your football fans.

Drinks and desserts (like cheesecake bites) round out the menu for your perfect soiree, don’t you think?

So now that you’ve planned the perfect party for the big game, you can sit back and enjoy those steaks – no matter who is playing.

October 16th, 2015

Tailgating Fun Facts

royals tailgate

I like tailgating. You like tailgating. Everybody likes tailgating!

So, besides the steaks, what are the funnest parts of tailgating? (For our purposes here, “funnest” is, indeed, a word.)

Picture this: You’re in the parking lot of your home stadium. Your best buddy is manning the steak on the grill (he’s got all types of steak from strips to filets to ribeyes), the tent man got there early to pick a primo spot and set up the shade, a group is playing cornhole, another is flipping cups, the DJ has the perfect game-time music blasting and your truck is providing the perfect seating for all the festivities.


This is shaping up to be the best tailgate ever. It’s a tradition that has some murky beginnings – no one really knows for sure where and when it started. But tailgating has swept the country over the years and we’re all getting in on the fun.

So where is it the funnest? (See? I did it again.) Well, inthenation.com says the top 5 best cities for NFL tailgating today are:

  1. Baltimore
  2. Denver
  3. Houston
  4. San Diego
  5. Cincinnati

And, as you can see from this list, it doesn’t even matter how good the teams are. Sorry, Chargers. It’s all about the food and party. Sweet!

So, no matter the outcome of the game, your goal is to win the pre-party. And win it, you will!

That same site says that there are an estimated 50 million tailgaters in the U.S. Now that’s a lot of burgers! And up to $12 billion is spent on the revelry every year. I mean, what a huge industry.

Plus, up to 35% of those tailgaters are so dedicated to the art of the tailgate that they don’t even set foot inside the stadium. So it makes perfect sense that that party in the parking lot better be a good one!

What are your favorite tailgating traditions?

October 9th, 2015

Game Day Appetizers

Game Day Appetizers

Picture this:  Your friends are all set to come over to your house for the big game this weekend. You’ve got your favorite jersey ready, the room is straightened up, the TV is all set in the most prominent place. It’s shaping up to be a fantastic game-watching experience.

So, what food are you going to serve? Yeah, they will be expecting to eat. They always do. So you can’t neglect an integral part of the get-together – munchables!

Believe me, hungry fans get rowdy and you want that energy aimed at the game – and not you. So feed them right… and often!

Before the steaks go on the grill (that’s what I like to serve as a main dish when a group comes over – filet mignon, Kansas City strip steak – delish!), you’ve got to keep them happy. Game time lasts a long time (seriously, hours and hours) and that means appetizers beforehand.

Set out some Applewood Bacon and Cheddar Burger Bites before the main entree. They’re just the size you need for people in your home who won’t be watching what they’re doing – they’ll have their eyes on the game. These little bites fit right in your hand and tame that hunger monster.

Jalapeno Kisses Game Day Appetizers

Another winning appetizer for your game day bunch? Jalapeno and Green Chili Kisses. They pack a punch and really rev up those taste buds. Plus, they’re bite-sized too!

Looking for something different? Lobster flatbread is a conversation starter and so delicious. Or put out some Bourbon and Cola Mini Dawgs (pigs in a blanket 2.0!!). Big groups absolutely LOVE these!

Appetizers are such an important part of a successful get-together and they’re imperative to keeping the hooting and hollering aimed at the TV and the TV only!

So give ‘em something to rave about – other than the game! Give ‘em appetizers!

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