November 24th, 2007

Cooking Steak: Alternatives to Grilling

Why Grilling, Searing and Broiling Makes a Flavorful Difference

For those of you who’ve asked, “I don’t have an outdoor grill — what other
ways are there to cook steak?” today’s post is for you.  Grilling is a great
 way to cook a steak and many of you grill year-round.  But, did you know that
 pan-frying in a skillet and oven broiling will bring out the same richness of
 flavor in steak that occurs with grilling?

There’s a complex chemical reaction that takes place whenever proteins such as
beef or other meats are subjected to a source of dry, high heat (the common term
for this is called the “browning-reaction”).  Simply put, the result of this
chemical change is a deeper, more intensely-flavored steak and that can be
achieved by searing in a skillet or broiling under a heating element, as well
as by grilling over an open flame.