July 18th, 2008

Ever Dance With the Devil in the Pale Moonlight?

Okay, so that’s from the 1989 Batman movie. I’m a geek. Are YOU going to see The Dark Knight?

I want to but it’s definitely not for kids my little guys’ ages so it would have to be a Mommy/Daddy thing. Those times are hard to come by. We will move heaven and earth to get there, though.

But, if you are a Batman fan, like me, there are other ways to enjoy His Batness other than trotting out to the local AMC.

Check out the graphic novel Batman: Broken City. In it, you’ll be happy to read that Bruce Wayne is a steak enthusiast. (All the cool dudes are.)

Here’s how one reviewer at Amazon.com describes the scene:

Bruce Wayne grilling a steak while talking on the phone with the Gotham PD detective [says], “Grilling relaxes me.”  [That] has to be a new classic and provides a refreshing take of the tired old scenes from the batcave with Alfred making goofy remarks in the background.

So I’ve decided the next time I’m grilling steaks I’m going to slip on my kids’ Batman mask and purr, “Grilling relaxes me” while I turn my ribeyes over a hot flame.

It’s all in the presentation, right people? Who better to kick steak’s cool factor up a notch than the Dark Knight?

Be sure to check out that graphic novel here. And grill a steak in honor of your ol’ Bat Buddy.

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