April 23rd, 2008

Excuse Me, You’re Sitting On My Steak

I took my kids to the mall last week and we encountered some people enjoying a bit of steak in a very strange way.


Yeah, your eyes do not deceive you. That is a dude sitting on that egg next to a huge T-bone.

This is the soft play area at our local mall and it cracks me up. I’m particularly interested in the glob of ketchup plopped on the steak.

Who does that?

My kids think this place is da bomb and they love to bounce around on the food. It’s very springy and when they go from the egg to the steak back to the egg they boing in the air.

It’s great fun.

Here’s my oldest boy taking a break from putting his feet all over the food. He went a little crazy cuz he’s not allowed to do that at home. I know, I know, lighten up, Mom.


I took these pics on my camera phone so the quality is not the greatest. But you had to see this to believe it. People sitting on steak is hard to describe accurately.

I’m afraid this has opened up a whole new can of worms at our house. Perhaps my kids will ask, Why is it okay to jump on the steak at the mall but not at home when it’s taco night or steakburger night or meatloaf night . . . ?

I might have to write a letter to someone.

Dear Mr. Mall Man,

Not only have you desecrated a perfectly good T-bone in your play area, but you have encouraged poor behavior and disappointing food etiquette in my children.

I will be sending all of their therapy bills to you.

A Concerned Citizen

Think I can get away with it?

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