October 26th, 2015

Halloween Party

The scariest of holidays is coming up! I love to see the kids in their costumes and all the crazy neighborhood decorations. It’s so festive.

Some kids I know will be dressing up as emojis this Saturday. Is that a sign of the times or what? I mean, what happened to plastic masks of princesses and football players with eye, nose and mouth cutouts? Wow.

I always pulled out an old dance costume and put it on and I was set. I don’t know if that flies anymore. Things were so much simpler then.

My kids have reached the age where they no longer dress up. It’s all about the party now. Halloween decorations and food and friends. Just another excuse to get together!

So, will you be hosting any dressed up emojis or smartphones at your house for a Halloween party? Walking around the neighborhood, trolling for candy is a tiring business. You’ve got to feed these people – before and after the trick or treating.

Halloween Party kabobs

It’s a party, right? So, for me, there will always be steaks! Believe me, parents will be hungry, too, and a great steak will make all the lugging around of candy bags worth it. A reward of sorts.

You can even get creative and trim your steaks into little ghost- or pumpkin-shaped medallions for the kids. They love that. And it’s so fun to really get into the spirit of it! All cuts of steak will do. A filet mignon will work as well as a ribeye or Kansas City strip steak. You can even stick little toothpicks with eyeballs on them into the steaks. Use your imagination to make it fun!

After all, Halloween is supposed to be fun – you might as well eat well in the process!

What will you be serving this Halloween?

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