August 13th, 2010

How Do You Like Your Steak?

This handy little guide can be found at Yes, you read right . . . Art. Of. Manliness.

Hilarious. I’ll bet that guy from the Old Spice commercials visits the site all the time.

So here’s the guide:

Isn’t it nice? A visual depiction of doneness is so handy! I’ve never seen it “done” like this. Ba dum dum.

Intrigued? Read more here at!

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2 Responses to “How Do You Like Your Steak?”

  1. Lurl Jannins Says:

    How do you get restaurant cooks to understand you want your steak really well done. No red, no blood and you get all the parasites cooked out.
    I just don’t order meat any more cause they can’t seem to get it done enough.

  2. Dena P Says:

    Lurl, I certainly understand why you might be concerned about getting your steaks fully cooked, but I can also understand why it might be difficult for a chef to send out a steak that is completely well done. It goes against everything they are taught when trained to serve delicious food. It almost completely removes any juicy tenderness from the steak, which might seem to reflect poorly on the cook. Many restaurants will put a disclaimer on their menus that it is not recommended for the steak to be cooked well done. But you just need to send it back if it’s not cooked to your liking. I have been served enough “overcooked” steaks to know that they can cook them “well done.”

    By the way…the only meats that are recommended to be cooked to 160 degrees or well done, this day and age, are poultry or ground meats.

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