February 1st, 2008

I Got “Lost” in my Smothered Steak

If you’re like my husband and me, you’ve been waiting for months for the season premiere of “Lost.” And last night the wait was over.

I had been feeling kind of puny for the last few days so dinner this week was basically whatever one could rummage from the fridge.

Good times.

So I decided last night since I was feeling better and it was a “special occasion” (yeah, it’s sad that a TV show is a special occasion) that I would make a tried and true favorite for dinner — what we call Smothered Steak.

You may know it by a different name. But my mother taught me this one and that’s what she calls it.

Here’s how it goes:

Sprinkle flour on 4 cube steaks

Pound with meat tenderizer until pretty flat

Brown meat in vegetable oil (just brown both sides, do not cook all the way through)

Set meat aside

Clean out oil from pan

Heat 2 cans of mushroom soup, one can of water, salt and pepper

When that is bubbling and well mixed, return meat to gravy-filled pan

Turn down heat and cover

Let simmer for about 20 min. or until meat is cooked to your preference

I like to serve this with mashed potatoes since the gravy is a wonderful complement. Sometimes we do rice instead. Choose a vegetable and a bread and you’ve got yourself a meal!

We paused “Lost” on the Tivo, put our kids to bed, and sat down to watch our show while we ate. 

“Ozzie and Harriet” we aren’t, but it was a banner night at our house.

Enjoy the Super Bowl this weekend if you’re a football fan. We’ll be watching . . . and enjoying some great food. I hope you do, too!  

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