March 13th, 2009

In Search of: STEAK

I’m off today in search of a steak in NY that measures up to my own creations at home.

I don’t know if it’s doable, but I’m open to the possibility.

Is this because I am such a fabulous, amazing cook and nothing could possibly come close to the succulent, just-right taste of everything I make?

If you answered yes, this must be your first time reading this blog. Welcome!

The answer is absolutely NO. I am riddled with flaws and I have many, many burned, overseasoned T-bones under my belt to prove it.

But what I have learned about myself is this:

a) I know where to get a good cut of meat. See here.

b) Most of the heavy lifting in creating an unforgettable steak comes from buying quality meat.

c) I have nothing to do with that — except knowing where to get it of course.

So, you see, I really can’t take much credit for the awesome steaks we make at home.

But I do like playing with seasonings, different cuts of meat, styles of cooking, accompaniments and wine pairings.

Oh yeah, and good company counts too.

All that adds up to making the perfect steak experience.

So in that department the steakhouse in NY has something going for it — my hubby is joining me!

Let’s just hope the steak measures up.

See you on the flip side!