May 5th, 2008

Marinade Ideas

Frances wrote us to ask if we had any ideas for a steak marinade that DID NOT include soy sauce, garlic, packaged marinades or fresh ginger root.

The answer is a resounding “Yes!”

There are so many options to create sensational flavors for your steaks. Below, I’ve posted 8 links to some marinades that have amazing ingredients — other than the ones Frances is concerned about.

Also, check out the “Marinades” link in the Categories box to the right. There are lots of great ideas there. And click on “Recipes” and “Rubs” to find even more.

The marinades below run the gamut from citrusy to spicy and everything in between.

Stay tuned tomorrow and I’ll show you what marinade I used this weekend. Mmmmm.

Mango Curry Marinade & Sauce

Citrus-Maple Marinade

Spicy Steak Marinade

Tender and Tasty Marinade

Jen’s Marinade

Pineapple-Rum Caribbean Steak Marinade

Mikey’s Smokin Steak

Balsamic Bliss