May 2nd, 2008

Party Time? Here Are Some Tips

When you’re preparing steaks for a crowd, one of the toughest things to master is the art of getting the food on the table in a timely manner while making sure the meat is still hot and at its tastiest.

This article at gives us great advice on how to cook your steaks in stages so that they aren’t too rare or too well done by the time it’s chow time.

For instance, did you know that many chefs sprinkle sugar on their steaks to speed up the browning or searing process? Then, they put the steaks (browned only on the outside) in a warming oven until they are ready to be served. The warming oven then cooks the inside slowly at just the right pace.

The steaks are cooked and warm when YOU decide it’s time to serve them. Sugar! Who knew?

This sounds like a great way to do a filet mignon. Its rich thickness will do well slowly cooking in the oven. And the seared sugar process? Oh, yum!

Read more tips for being the BEST PARTY HOST EVER right here:—How-to-Cook-for-a-Crowd/Detail.aspx

Have a happy weekend!