January 17th, 2008

My Top 10 List

Last Friday evening, two days before we had planned a rockin’ steak dinner at home, we were invited to dinner with my husband’s boss and his wife. We were happy to accept; and where did we end up, you may ask?

A steakhouse.

It started the wheels in my mind spinning, comparing the restaurant steak experience to the at-home steak experience.

So here’s my Top 10 List for Why I’d Rather Eat My Steak at Home:

10. No Teriyaki sauce at the restaurant. (My fave.)

9.   Most chefs don’t like to hear “Barely any pink, please.”

8.   Really nice places don’t have bacon bits for my baked potato. 🙁

7.   I can’t bring my favorite chair from my dining room table to the restaurant. It’s really cushy.

6.   You have to tip the waiter. (My husband just asks for a kiss.)

5.   At home, we listen to awesome playlists from our iPods that we pump through the house during our meal. (Most restaurants don’t play old Bobby Brown songs, Merle Haggard and Def Leppard.)

4.   I can’t wear my really stretchy pants to a restaurant.

3.   At a restaurant, I don’t have the luxury of knowing my kids are asleep in their rooms upstairs while I leisurely enjoy my steak.

2.   It’s more expensive at a restaurant and you can get the same quality steaks (even USDA prime) delivered to you from KC Steaks. (Plus, see #6.)

1.   No reservations.