January 16th, 2008

This Idea is Smokin!

Typically we think of the grill when cooking steak. But I can remember growing up watching my mom broil them in the oven and even pan frying them on the stovetop.

Well, I had a conversation the other evening about smoking steaks in a smoker. Wow! I am intrigued by the idea of infusing a rich, smoky taste into a ribeye or T-bone. What kind of wood would I use? Maybe mesquite or hickory?

I have been promised explicit instructions on how to smoke steaks in your smoker. And when I get them, I will post them here.

I, of course, will try it myself and I’ll let you know the verdict. It sounds tempting and different.

Let me know your thoughts. Do you have any unique ideas on how to jazz up your steaks?

2 Responses to “This Idea is Smokin!”

  1. Wayne Says:

    One of my favorite ways to prepare steak is marinate the steaks in a mixture of teriyaki sauce and (i love garlic) 4-5 cloves of crushed garlic. Marinate for a couple hours. Instead of using charcoal use hickory or mesquite wood chunks. When the chunks have stopped flaming and are red hot coals throw on the steaks. I like mine on the rare side, nice and juicy in the middle. Grill for 3-4 minutes on each side. My wife likes hers medium just a little pink so, I leave hers on for a few more minutes. This is an easy way to get the rich hickory or mesquite flavor without actually having to use a smoker. Just use wood chunks instead of charcoal.

  2. Dena P Says:

    Oh, yum. This sounds fantastic! The perfect mixture of smoky goodness, garlic and Teriyaki. It makes my heart sing.

    And what a great way to do this on the grill instead of a smoker.

    My grill, however, does not use charcoal so we will have to do the smoking in our smoker.

    I wonder if it’s time for a new grill???

    Thanks, Wayne!