June 3rd, 2008

One Historic Meal

During World War II, our soldiers had to endure many hardships. Just one of those trials was a lack of decent food.

In the trenches, they didn’t have the luxury of a full kitchen with a wide array of foods to choose from.

One exception to that was our marines who were onboard ships . . . about to land on the beach on D-Day.

An amazing breakfast was served that day when the men were awakened at 2 am to prepare for what lay ahead. It was a welcome surprise, but one that was met with trepidation by many. Why were they being fed like kings on this day?

Here is how one brave American described what he saw in the book D-Day in the Pacific: The Battle of Saipan by Harold J. Goldberg: 

For Private First Class Marshall E. Harris of the 2nd Armored Amphibian Battalion, it was one of the best meals ever:  “Lo and behold, here was a great morning meal — sizzling steaks cooked to your liking, fried potatoes, eggs, bacon, ham and fresh milk, toast, butter, and juice of all kinds.”

For so many of our men, that truly was their last meal. It is so humbling to get a glimpse into what life was like on that day.  

It’s something no black-and-white snapshot or grainy film footage could convey.

Thank you to our soldiers who so bravely fought (and are still fighting) for us. You deserve every last morsel of the finest meal. 


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