April 8th, 2008

Rock Chalk . . .


Did you watch “The Basketball Game” last night?

Of course, I’m talking about the NCAA National Championship game between Kansas and Memphis.

Throughout all the media hype leading up to this game all I could think was, “Man, those two places really know how to do barbecue!”

Is that weird? Am I a freak of nature?

Then, the game was played in Texas of all places! Does anyone else see the madness in this? 

So, in honor of Kansas, Memphis and Texas we thought it only appropriate to eat some baby back ribs during the game.

All three places have slightly different ways of doing their ribs. And all are crazy good.

We chose the KC style:  pork ribs smoked in hickory, then rubbed with spices.

Our barbecue karma must have worked because Kansas won in OT.

Seriously. If you look hard enough, absolutely everything in life has something to do with meat.

Congrats, Jayhawks!

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