April 7th, 2008

Steak — The New Diet

This month’s issue of Marie Claire includes an intriguing little ditty about the “No-Diet Diet” which purportedly includes chocolate cake and steak — or anything else you want to eat for that matter.



The article’s premise is that as long as you eat without distractions, chew slowly and stop when you are full you can eat whatever you want.

I’ll go with that.

Steak seemed to be a hot button for the author of this article. A gal after my own heart.

Hey, my diet has included steak for as long as I can remember so I’m glad to see the fashion mags getting on board.

But it’s really all about moderation, people. Don’t eat 12 T-bones in one sitting. Don’t regularly go to those steakhouses where they dare you to eat their 95-oz. Porterhouse. Yeah, they’ll give it to you for free — but you will pay for it later. Trust me.

Get yourself a nice filet, or ribeye or KC Strip, serve it with a reasonable side dish, pair it with some wine and you’ve got a great meal.

There are even heart-healthy choices certified by the American Heart Association

So, Marie Claire, you’re on to something. My hat’s off to you.

(Click here if you want to read the entire article.)

Now, if we could just get this magazine’s cover girl, Kate Bosworth, to eat some steak. Those alfalfa sprouts just aren’t doing it, babe.