August 18th, 2008

Roughing It? Don’t Forget Your Steak

The following is a recipe for steak and potatoes out in the wilderness. If you’re going camping, of course you never want to forget your steak and potato.

I’m just glad that it is a possibility. I, personally, always thought that beef jerky and lots of canned things were on the menu at a campsite.

Shows you how much I know.

I’m assuming this could also work for power outages during a hurricane/tornado/national emergency/end of the world or just in your own backyard.


Succulent Steak in the Wilderness 

1 good, well marbled ribeye steak

2 – 3 Tbsp McCormick’s Montreal Steak Seasoning

2 small cans of green chilies

1 c soy sauce

1 potato

“I Cant Believe its not Butter

2 tsp garlic salt or powder


The night before your trip: rub steak with seasoning, both sides, pressing seasoning into meat, place rubbed steak in Ziplock bag. Sprinkle 1 of the cans of green chile on both sides of steak once in bag, add soy sauce, seal bag and: a. freeze steak (this only works for eating steak your first night out) or b. place steak in fridge, transfer to cooler next morning.

Spray potato with butter spray, sprinkle garlic salt/powder on coated potato, wrap in foil and refrigerate.

NEXT MORNING: Pack steak and potato in backpack or saddle bag (or cooler if you have such a luxury) and go have fun on your first day. When you get to camp, make a good campfire that yields coals, unfold or unroll piece of screen or mesh and place four rocks in the coals of your campfire. Spread mesh over four rocks and place four more rocks on top of the first four to hold mesh on place (you only need a cooking surface large enough for the steak). Make sure the rocks are large enough to keep the mesh approximately 6-10 inches above the coals.

Place potato at the very edge of coals, rotate a quarter turn every 5-10 minutes for 45 minutes. You can also place the potato close to the fire while you are waiting for the coals to develop, you can’t overcook it unless you really really try.

If you froze the steak, it should be thawed out by now. If it’s been in a cooler, then it’s all good. Take steak out of plastic bag, discard the marinade (including the green chiles). Place steak on mesh and cook for 8-10 minutes per side, depending on preference (I like mine medium rare, so 8-10 per side works depending on the heat of the coals; if you can hold your hand above the mesh for 6-7 seconds before it’s too hot, then the temp is perfect). If you want, and you remembered to pack it, open the second can of green chiles and cover the top of the steak with the chiles after you have turned it (you can scrape them off once the steak is done, or not, the chiles keep it moist and add more spice. It’s up to you).

If you timed the steak with the potato, it all comes off and out of the fire at the same time. The result is an awesome steak and potato in the wilderness.

Submitted by: Alan Tipps

Click here to go to the KOA Web site for more on this awesome idea! 

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