May 4th, 2010

Steak Class is in Session . . .

Good morning, class. Today we’re going to discuss what in heaven’s name a Delmonico is.

You may know it as a bone-in top loin, a boneless ribeye or a New York Strip, Kansas City Strip or strip loin.

Those strip steaks are what I’ve always heard substitute for a Delmonico, but there seems to be some difference in opinion.

Delmonico’s Restaurant in NYC is credited with making this steak meal world famous with a baked mashed potato dish topped with grated cheese and buttered bread crumbs. Oh. Yum.

History is always being rewritten, so we may never know which exact cut was the REAL Delmonico. But as far as I’m concerned, it’s a strip.

Read more about Delmonico steaks at Wikipedia here. Then, let me know what YOU believe a Delmonico is!

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