August 12th, 2008

Steak Stereotypes?

I’m always interested to see what cut of steak people choose. And males and females seem to always gravitate toward specific ones.

This weekend we ate steak with two couples — neighbor friends. You can learn a lot about someone by the steak they eat. I always have a ribeye so I don’t count. We already know I have issues that need to be dealt with.

But the other two women? Filet mignon.

It never fails. It’s the smallest and debatably most tender cut. Perhaps they like to appear feminine and not at all hoggish.

I, on the other hand, have no problem eating every bite of my much larger ribeye.

The men fall into that “macho” category with two of them choosing KC strips and one a T-bone.

I like the T-bone, too. Does that make me macho?

I wore red lipstick that evening in an effort to scream, “I AM FEMALE!”

I hope it worked. Cuz my steak sure was good.