May 22nd, 2008

Survey Says!

I took a survey of my neighbors (as we were standing around the yard yakking) and I asked, “What are you cooking this Memorial Day?”

I got lots of different answers. Some surprising, some quite traditional.

But there was one theme that carried throughout:  family.

Whether extended family will be getting together or it’s just the immediate family staying home, everyone was looking forward to being with their loved ones . . . and eating.

Most of our kids are out of school on Friday and Monday, some just Monday, and that usually requires some planning of activities and meals to cut down on the whining and restlessness.

So here’s a sampling of their answers . . .

Burgers and hot dogs in the back yard.”

This is the go-to meal for April and Bobby*. Good choice, good choice.

“We’re just going to sleep in and rummage around the house for food. Maybe order a pizza,” said Vicki.

(Boo, I thought, we do that every other weekend. This is MEMORIAL DAY, man!)

Elizabeth and Ron said, “We’ve got some steaks and we’re going to make some potato salad and invite our folks over on Monday.”

Now we’re talking. “What kind of steaks?” I asked.

“Some sirloin and strips.”

My mind wandered off and I pictured myself running through a meadow in a white lace dress with my husband carrying a plate of freshly grilled sirloin and strip steaks . . .

. . . but I came back to reality when I realized someone had asked me what we were having.

Barbecue ribs,” I said.

I am looking forward to that. We’re inviting my whole side of the family over. My parents and my brother and his family.

We let the kids run around together and we all pretend they aren’t acting like animals. Denial. It’s a gift.

And if there’s whining, I’ll send them all over to rummage around at Vicki’s house.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent — or guilty, whatever the case may be.