March 27th, 2015

Ever Tried a Lobster Loaded Potato?

Lobster Potato

Fish Friday is a time to get really creative with seafood.

Beef isn’t on the menu so fish/seafood is the star of this show. And we’ve got to do it right.

I’m a huge baked potato lover (hello, it’s a classic steak side!) so when I discovered this Lobster Loaded Potato from The Kansas City Steak Company, I thought I had found nirvana.

Take one stuffed potato – or twice baked potato – and fill it with mouth-watering Maine lobster, Mascarpone cheese and flavorful herbs and seasonings.

Oh, glorious heavens!

This beautiful creation can be a wonderful appetizer, but for me, it’s the main entrée. It’s a protein, vegetable and side dish all in one!

Try it for one of your Fish Fridays!


November 19th, 2010

Taking Care of Myself…With Beef

So, I’ve been running myself ragged. Kids. Work. Trying to be a good citizen and neighbor. Marriage. Recycling.

(That last one was just to see if you were paying attention.)

And in my haste to do all those things I left something off my list — me.

This weekend, before the Thanksgiving hullaballoo of traveling and shopping and cooking and writing down all the things to be thankful for, I am going to be treated to a most special meal.

A steak grilled with love. Plus a baked potato just the way I like it. And salad. And wine. Lots of wine.

My husband is going to put on his gloves, grab that spatula and grill the heck outta my ribeye steak.

That’s how much he loves me.

Come to think of it, I don’t really have to write down all I’m thankful for. It’s already in my head.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

October 14th, 2010

Steakhouse Style Baked Potatoes!

I’m always looking for delicious sides to serve with my steaks. And what’s better than a gorgeous baked potato like they serve in fancy steakhouses?

Isn’t it beautiful? It looks like it’s smiling at us.

This is a bit more advanced than the potatoes I usually make, so I’m excited to try something new.

This recipe claims to create a “fluffy, soft center and a crisp, well-seasoned skin.”  Totally yummy.

Check it out here! And send me photos when you try it out!

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