July 2nd, 2010

Make Your Steaks Patriotic

This Independence Day weekend, show your true colors by branding your steaks with a patriotic “USA.”

Your steaks will never be the same.

Have fun, enjoy your freedom and let’s all remember to toast our nation’s birth this weekend.

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

Photo courtesy of Rochester.Metromix.com.

September 11th, 2008

Are You Ready For Some Steak With a Football On It?


Well, I think you’re missing out. Check it out . . .

Yes, siree. Our friends at SteakBrands.com have found a way to get our favorite cuts of meat in on the pigskin action.

Freaked out a little? Wait ’til you see the NASCAR brands. And the one that says “Road Kill.”


Go here to see all your branding choices for your next cookout.

Photo courtesy of SteakBrands.com