June 10th, 2009

The Almighty Steak Sandwich

Adored by millions, loved by all who come into contact with it, it’s incredible that the steak sandwich has not lost its humble essence.

And that’s what we love about it.

It may start out as a snooty filet mignon, but slap it between 2 slices of bread and slather it with mayo and it becomes a simple steak sandwich — the filet’s more casual, unshaven cousin. You know the type. He’ll make inappropriate jokes about your sister and eat way too many pork rinds but he’d give the shirt off his back to you. And you inexplicably always want him around.

That’s the steak sandwich. Unassuming, jovial — awesome at Wii golf.


See what I mean? What’s not to like?

Check out PoorGirlEatsWell.com for a rockin’ steak sandwich recipe . . . plus a walk down memory lane filled with sack lunches and first grade angst.


Photo courtesy of PoorGirlEatsWell.com.