August 12th, 2011

The “Ultimate” Steak?


Is there really an elusive “ultimate” steak?

That is up for debate. Who’s to say what the ultimate steak is? To me, it’s a matter of opinion.

Here is one version of the ultimate steak. See if it’s in line with YOUR version . . .

Click here to see the recipe and instructions – and try it for yourself!

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One Response to “The “Ultimate” Steak?”

  1. Antonio Says:

    WOW!!! I am really happy to run across this site! I enjoy grilling a good cut of steak. Rib eye is our choice of cut around here.
    We do competition steak cooking. Talk about having some fun! If you love the art of trying to grill the “perfect” steak, I highly recomend going to the WORLD CHAMPION STEAK COOK-OFF, in Magnolia, Arkansas. It is a top notch competition. We got lucky and placed in the top five for the last 2 years. For more info, go to for the good info on this site also!