January 22nd, 2008

This Man Might Be Single for a While

Last weekend, I attended a baby shower and caught up with some friends. One of my girlfriends related the story of one of her friends (are you still with me?) who is making her way through the dating scene.

She went on a first date with a nice gentleman who. . .

  1. likes to lift weights (excellent)
  2. has a great relationship with his mother (this bodes well)
  3. is very attractive (always a plus)
  4. does not like steak (cue the depressing music).

I fell out of my chair with laughter.

My friend’s friend had said, “I don’t think there will be a second date. I mean, how can I make a life with someone who won’t share a steak dinner with me?”

When I picked myself up off the floor, I realized that it’s pretty universal:  Steak is just one of life’s great pleasures. A good steak, that is.

And if you don’t enjoy steak, those of us who do think you’re pretty misguided.

Maybe there’s an online dating site for non-steak lovers this guy could join.

Nah, I doubt it.