September 9th, 2009

To Steak or Not To Steak?


That, my friends, is but a sampling of the amazing steaks we grilled over the Labor Day weekend.

Strips, filets and ribeyes graced my grill — and only one lonely steak was left after our group scarfed the whole lot.

That steak is coveted by my husband and he eyes me suspiciously every time I go near the fridge.

“Just getting milk for YOUR CHILDREN,” I have to say.

I won’t eat his precious steak. I promise.


In my alone time (which is rare) I debate whether it’s worth it to eat that steak myself and blame it on some apparition . . . or a zombie . . . or a steak burglar.

But in the end, it’s much easier for me to get another steak than to get another husband.

The one I have is one of a kind. And I’d like to keep him, thank you.

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