March 9th, 2009

Where Can I Find a Steak in NY?


So, it’s Monday . . . and this Friday my hunk-o-beef of a husband and I are traveling to NYC for a long weekend.

We need it.

Guess what we’re frantically searching for before we get there.

The best steak in town.

I know, it’s hard to believe.

Since we know we won’t be able to grill up our own T-bones in the hotel room, a steakhouse will have to do.

But where to go?

We’ve done Sparks. Check out our experience here.

And Peter Luger’s only had a 3:45 or 9:45 reservation time available.

Neither sounds like “dinnertime” to me.

So, we’re up a creek. In Manhattan. And that’s hard to do.

It should be an interesting journey trolling the streets of Midtown in search of a steak without reservations. But we’re crazy like that.

You know that thing called a “recession” we’re supposedly in? The steakhouses in the tri-borough area apparently never got that memo. They’re booked solid.

Score one for the beef industry.

Now, if I could just score a steak . . .

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